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IT Solutions & Services Network
IT Solutions & Services Network

ITSSN provides a variety of high quality, multi-platform website and server hosting solutions. From virtual servers, dedicated hosting and design services, we are ready to serve your hosting and designing needs. When you depend on reliability, ITSSN is the best choice for quality hosting solutions.

Our philosophy has always been to provide Simple Business Approach to individual and business communities with no boundaries no limits. In support of this belief and in keeping with the culture of the Internet, we offer many services to accommodate each and every communities around the world and bring the world closer to you.

Our Mission:
To provide the best in server-side development to build web-based applications.

We specialize in rapid deployment of websites using ASP, Java, PHP, SQL and MySQL technologies. We are able to quickly deploy database enabled sites on any web platform. We have experience with several database vendors as well as legacy ERP systems.

Our innovative thinking and excellent communication make us a standout team.

We also provide web hosting to our clients as well as other independent entities. Contact us for a free quote!

We have extensive experience in the following fields of development:

Web Development

  • Database driven web sites

  • PHP



  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)


  • Object Oriented Design and Development

  • Client side scripting (Javascript)

  • Server side scripting/CGI/PERL

Relational Database Development

  • Relational database design

  • Relational database development (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle)

E-Commerce Platforms

  • CyberCash

  • Verisign

  • Taxware


  • Linux System Administration

  • Network Administration


  • Miva Merchant, Apache, Resin, Tomcat

ITSSN is the most popular provider of websites for several good reasons:

  • We supply the most user-friendly environment, complete with the easiest-to-use and most innovative utilities for creating and updating your home page.

  • We establish relationships with companies that develop leading-edge Internet tools and applications, and allow you to integrate this technology directly into your home pages.

  • We offer extensive Help Resources to assist you in creating your page and using our utilities.

  • We allocate massive resources, such as bandwidth, disk space and subdirectories, to minimize your barriers and encourage your creativity.

  • Our incredibly high volume of traffic assures the highest possible visibility for your home page.