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Business Solutions


On the Web, you are what your customers perceive. Every customer is unique, and they're never wrong -- especially since no one is there to steer them right. You only have one chance to make the first impression, or your customer will click to your competitor's site. Do it right.

Whether you're a B2B enterprise or a B2C startup, don't just focus on current business rules and supporting technologies. Focus on things you can do to change the rules of the game: 

Create entirely new value chains with non-linear relationships 
Leverage brick-and-mortar legacies into click-and-order primacies
Give customers function over form ITSSN Consulting can help you do it.

If you're a start-up, we can help you lay the foundation for a scaleable e-business, including Web strategy and brand management, technology, integration and application hosting services.

If you're an established player, we can deliver fully integrated e-business solutions to help create new value for your customers - and we do it fast.
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ITSSN integrates e-business applications with systems integration to create a unified enterprise-wide computing environment that both streamlines the operations of the internal organization and reaches beyond the four-wall environment to connect, interact and grow with customers and suppliers.
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ITSSN recognizes that strategic focus needs to drive your business activity. Attaining a distinct competitive advantage is a critical objective that concerns your entire organization. You need to keep your resources lean and aligned to core business functions. It's hard to do when non-core, non-strategic functions burden your time and budget.

If operating your non-core functions has become a critical issue for your organization, it's time to turn to ITSSN's e-Outsourcing.

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Customer Management

See the differences.
Act on the opportunities.
Instantly. Consistently. Profitably.

Customers have always been at the core of business. The Internet economy has empowered the customer with more information and more choices than ever before. In the digital economy, your empowered customers will:

Value time, convenience, choice, flexibility and simplicity Permit access to their information on their terms Expect you to learn from their interactions Look for customized, relevant, and usable value at a competitive price Demand consistent treatment across all modes of interaction - at the store, over the phone, on the Web, at their home or business Insist on every interaction to be a pleasant, fulfilling experience Success with these customers will depend on how well you understand your customers and their value, differentiate based on that knowledge, and customize and personalize your interactions across all channels. Aligning your organization to become customer-focused will demand transformations across multiple fronts - business strategy, customer facing and fulfillment processes, supporting technology and infrastructure.

We can help you get there.
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Supply Chain Management

At ITSSN we take a holistic view of supply chain management. ITSSN's e2eSM (enterprise-to-enterprise) Supply Chain Strategies integrate multiple strategy sets that can help transform entire industries, not just individual companies. Our application portfolio assembly approach to developing these strategies encompasses a series of end-to-end integrated templates that provide business and technical applications that cross enterprise boundaries.

ITSSN's e2e Supply Chain Strategies are strategically focused, process structured, and technology enabled, designed to deliver quantifiable business-based benefits. We focus on internet technologies, such as Electronic Commerce to help clients seize competitive opportunities and enhance their bottom line. We have an end-to-end understanding of vendors, customers, channels, operations, and integration capabilities. We derive our strategies from all industry segments to help develop best-of-class supply chain answers for our clients.

Our long-term vision is to enable organizations to manage and integrate the flow of information, money, and products within and beyond the enterprise. ITSSN's Five-Stage Supply Chain Model depicts this vision. Within this framework, supply chain value and performance excellence are direct results of increased enterprise-to-enterprise supply chain integration, coordination, flexibility, and responsiveness.
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Knowledge Management

Information and Knowledge are the new competitive weapons of our time. Regardless of industry, the most successful and smartest companies are those that have the best information and knowledge and use them to create value.
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World Class Finance

ITSSN's World-Class Finance Solution helps progressive CFOs and other leading finance executives in every industry extend the power of finance outside their organizations to help win business, capture market share, negotiate more effectively, and truly drive the value of their enterprise in the marketplace. In short, we help CFOs manage the velocity intrinsic to today's business climate, increase the visibility of their organization's most important-yet often intangible-assets, and lead the value creation process for shareholders.

Our vision is to help CFOs excel against the changing focus of finance:

  • From serving internal customers to proactively meeting the growing needs of a full range external and internal constituencies.

  • From employing enabling technologies to deploying empowering Internet-based technologies that boost productivity and create greater customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.

  • From achieving efficiency within their existing structures to helping to create new, flexible structures that better enable e-business across the enterprise as well highly rapid post-merger integration.
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World Class Human Resources

ITSSN's World-Class Human Resources provides clients with innovative and web-enabled HR solutions designed to reduce cost and optimize the HR value chain to support business strategies and objectives. Some of the issues and business drivers our clients have been facing are: 

Critical need to utilize web-based technology solutions 
Extension of the HR Value Chain beyond the enterprise 
Globalization of businesses and competitive pressures.
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